Saturday, July 31, 2010

The top 12 trends of the video game industry | VentureBeat

The top 12 trends of the video game industry | VentureBeat

Garriott Wins $28 Million in NCSoft Lawsuit | IncGamers

Garriott Wins $28 Million in NCSoft Lawsuit | IncGamers

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Richard Allen Garriott is probably the most famous game developer, largely thanks to his Ultima series.

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He won a lawsuit against NCSoft, a Korea-based game company. The lawsuit was factually on whether NCSoft terminated Garriott or Garriott walked out voluntarily. If the termination was voluntary, Garriott's had to exercise his stock option within 90 days from termination. If NCSoft let Garriott go, he could exercise his stock option any time. Garriott alleged that NCSoft reported his termination as voluntary and forced him to exercise the stock option, thereby causing him millions of loss.

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Fish & Richardson was the lawyer for Garriott and this article has more to read. (here)

The majority of replies on Korean BBS is sentimentally opposed to Garriott's move after he parted with NCSoft. Many think Garriott is a so-called "Eat-and-Run" (Muk-Twee) and it is unethical that he went after for damages against NCSoft after incurring so much loss to NCSoft by failing to make Tabula Rasa a successful game.

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I don't know whether Garriott is a real "Eat-and-Run" and I don't think any internet surfer who doesn't have a knowledge of the balance sheet of the NCSoft-Garriott deal have anything to say about whether he's an Eat-and-Run. I agree with one anonymous reply that NCSoft must have expected attention from the game community when it signed with Garriott and it received such attention indeed. That will make both ends meet. If NCSoft expected Garriott not only would give NCSoft a fame but also the rebirth of Ultima III, it is a different story. Did NCSoft expected another Ultima III? I don't know.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to Visualize Variations of Coffee

You can do it like this.

Supreme Court of Korea Library Goes Mobile

The Supreme Court of Korea Library opened a mobile case browsing service in July 2010.

The link is

The screen should look like the capture image above.

I tested the link on my Nokia Express Music 5800 but it didn't show anything. It's possibly because of the latest firmware upgrade.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Goodbye clarity, hello uncertainty - Bilski case

WSJ Law Blog's commentary on Bilski case 

The above link shows good summary and commentary on Bilski case.

The Supreme Court rejected Federal Circuit's machine-or-transformation test but offered no alternative test but "abstract idea" test. This will give the patent litigator a lot of work (a.k.a. billable hours). 

WSJ Law Blog Post

The message that Bilski case sends to the patent law community is "more money for patent litigators."

Bilski method of hedging weather-based risk

Bilski Flow Chart

Two years ago, Cygnus filed a challenge to the Federal Circuit's patent standard. (see here)

Sunset in Ja Eun Island

Sunset in Ja Eun Island.  July 24, 2010.

Nuclear Launch Detected

The long-awaited Starcraft II is launched for sale on July 27, 2010.

And the era of new game competition begins. kk  I'm sincerely interested in how game competition industry will move in the Starcraft II era.

On July 26, 2010, a Starcraft II Open Bunker Party was thrown at Platoon Kunsthalle.

See this post for photos.

The business side of Starcraft II are delineated in this Fox Buziness news. (I didn't know Blizzard belonged to Activision.) Starcraft sold 11 million copies.

In South Korea, the game is nearly a cultural phenomenon where professional players compete in televised competitions watched by millions. 
Yes, that is true. And I anticipate that Stracraft II will be televised on-line via web-based TV or a stand-alone streaming software. One strong candidate is GomTV, an on-demand streaming TV. Gretech, Inc. (GomTV proprietor) has an exclusive license from Blizzard in Korea.

The success of Starcraft II will bring many great opportunities for GomTV. There is a possibility that North American fans will watch Starcraft II professional competition via GomTV platform.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ja-Eun-Do (Ja Eun Island)

Ja Eun Island is located about 40 km from Mok-po. It is a nice island with nice beaches,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Copyrightable Subject Matter

In the captured picture, some parts are copyrightable but others are not.

Take a guess which parts are copyrightable and which are not.

Differentiated Intellectual Property Regimes for Environmental and Climate Technologies

Keith Maskus is an economist who published many useful papers on the relationship between intellectual property regimes and economic development.

"Differentiated Intellectual Property Regimes for Environmental and Climate Technologies" is an OECD-commissioned paper on IPR and climate change.

Ths paper is available at

East Sea v. Sea of Japan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade gave an explanation on the issue of "East Sea v. Sea of Japan".

    우리 정부가 1991년 유엔 가입이후 1992년부터 ‘동해’의 영문표기인 ‘East Sea'의 확산을 공식적으로 추진한 이래 세계 주요 언론이나 간행물, 지도상에 ‘East Sea'가 ‘Sea of Japan’과 함께 병기되거나 단독 표기되는 사례가 점차 늘어나고 있습니다. 그러나 지난 100여년간 ‘일본해'의 영문표기인 ‘Sea of Japan’이 널리 사용되어온 상황에서 ‘East Sea' 표기를 전 세계적으로 정착시키기 위해서는 보다 많은 노력과 시간이 필요한 것이 사실입니다. 이와 관련, ‘동해’ 표기에 대한 국민 여러분의 이해를 돕기 위해 다음 자료를 게재합니다.
                                        지명병기관련 국제기구 결의 개요
     【국제수로기구(IHO) 결의 A.4.2.6(1974년)】

     o 2개국 이상이 지형물을 공유하는 경우(다른 명칭으로), 단일 지명에 합의를 위해 노력하되, 공통 지명 미합의시, 기술적인 이유로 불가할 경우를 제외하고 각각의 지명 사용(병기) 권고

    【유엔지명표준화회의 결의 Ⅲ/20(1977년)】

     o 2개국 이상의 주권하에 있거나 2개국 이상 사이에 분할되어 있는 지형물에 대하여 당사국간 단일 지명에 관하여 합의하지 못할 경우 서로 다른 지명을 모두 수용하는 것을 국제지도 제작의 일반 원칙으로 할 것을 권고
    1부 : 일본해가 아닌 동해(08:20)
    2부 : 세계지도 속에서 사라진 이름, '동해'(02:19)
    3부 : 세계지도가 바뀌고 있다(08:19)  
    1부 : The East Sea, not the Sea of Japan(08:20)
    2부 : East Sea, a name lost from world maps(02:19)
    3부 :The world map is changing!(08:19)  
    * 출처 : 동북아역사재단
다운로드 (영문판)
다운로드 (중국어판(东海 : 有两千年历史的名称'东海'))
다운로드 (프랑스어판(Mer de l'Est))
다운로드 (독일어판(Ostmeer)
다운로드 (스페인어판(Mar del Este))
다운로드 (러시아어판(Восточное Море))
다운로드 (아랍어)

USS George Washington (CVN-73) in Port of Busan, Korea

USS George Washington (CVN-73), a 97,000 ton nuclear-powered supercarrier, is anchored at the Port of Busan, Korea. The supercarrier will participate in a Korea-US joint drill in the East Sea.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Waiting for an email

People always wait for something. Today, I was waiting for an email.

Liquid detergent

Powder detergents go bad in about a year. They don't dissolve but attach to clothes.

Power detergents are like expired love. 

So, I bought a liquid detergent today.


Pitpat Red Carpet - Indie Sit Com by Yoon Sung Ho

indiesitcom 할수있는자가구하라 자매품3 두근두근 레드카펫 from indiekoohara on Vimeo.

INDIEKOOHARA(IndieSitcom) sub-brand 3

할수있는자가구하라 자매품 에피소드 3

Indiesitcom also makes sub-brand

인디시트콤이 자매품도 만든다

pitpat red carpet

두근두근 레드카펫 (구 두근두근 인디스토리) 부제 : 너의 눈 속엔 아직 나의 신념이 남아있어

1. 국제영화제의 배급파티에서 재회한 연인들. 뒤늦은 반성과 구애는 어떤 식으로 결실을 맺을까.

2. 2008년 겨울에 찍어놓은, 어찌보면 '할 수 있는 자가 구하라' 프리퀄. ㅂ 영화사의 조감독 이우정과 이모미의 사연. 알파일까, 베타일까.

3. 어떤 사랑은 시련을 맞아도, 다른 서사의 기운은 남아서, 누군가는 혁명의 입맞춤을 나누길, 그 마음의 정권을 바꿔나가길.. 이지랄

연출성호 촬영홍열 녹음순성 편집유정 믹싱예진

진행원석 기록혜린 붐맨정호 도움우정 기획화범


이채은 권은수 이우정 김예리

박민영 추정희 이경훈 오세헌 노수산나






홍대 소문안난수족관

Various Ways of Using IC Recorder

SONY ICD-UX70 IC Recorder is the one I have. I bought this tiny recorder about 2 years ago to record meetings I attended. Most of the times, I recorded the meetings using line-in from the headphone jacks provided at the meeting halls. This device works great on the line-in mode.

  • Concert Recording
On the last Friday, I had a chance to test its microphone at a concert hall. I went to the Daejeon Culture and Arts Center for Mahler No.1 Symphony (often known as "Titan"). My seat was B (5,000 Korean Won) and was on the third floor.

The recording came out great. The sound quality is better than that of 1960's LP. It was amazing that such a small device can record a musical performance at a huge concert hall without any additional technical boost.

I've listened to the recording several times over the weekend. Of course, I wouldn't distribute the recording to any body. :)
  • Conversation Recording
I also recorded a conversation between two people who sat in the row right in front of me. I couldn't hear their conversation with my ears, but the recorder caught it.
  • Raindrops
Raindrop sound wasn't real to me. It was more like poking noise and nothing like the usual sound image I had in mind.

Phantom of the Opera in Seoul

Sohyun Kim plays Christine. She majored in voice at Seoul National University. (Bachelor and Master degree)

Gwangho Hong plays Phantom.

Phantom of the Opera is staged at Charlotte Theater near Jamsil Subway Station (Line 2) from 23 September 2009 till 11 September 2010. The official homepage is here

I saw Phantom of the Opera in London when I was backpacking in 2007.

블라디보스톡 온 지 4개월

2020년 상반기가 벌써 다 지나갔다. 올해는 1, 2월달은 출국 준비 하느라 바빴고, 3월에는 원래 예정보다 2주 일찍 출국하느라 정신없었다. 블라디보스톡으로 들어와서는 2주간 자가격리해야 했는데, 그 2주간은 아무 것도 한 것 없이 시간이 지나간 ...