Friday, August 06, 2010, Microsoft, David Boies

Microsoft settled it patent infringement case with (Aug. 4)
(see details here at ZDNet)

Microsoft complaint included Salesforce's alleged infringements of:

  • “method and system for mapping between logical data and physical data”
  • “system and method for providing and displaying a web page having an embedded menu”
  • “method and system for stacking toolbars in a computer display”
  • “automated web site creation using template driven generation of active server page applications”
  • “aggregation of system settings into objects”
  • “timing and velocity control for displaying graphical information”
  • “method and system for identifying and obtaining computer software from a remote computer”
  • “system and method for controlling access to data entities in a computer network”

Note 1: These are all method patents.

Note 2: David Boies represented Salesforce. He represented the Justice Department in the Microsoft antitrust case. He also represented Al Gore in Bush v. Gore.

Note 3: Salesforce complaint can be read here. (I like Scribd.)

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