Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Effort (Kim Jung Woo) announced retirement

NO.1 뉴미디어 마이데일리 (Korean news source)

[News] Effort announces his retirement (Team Liquid news)

Pro-gamer Kim Jung Woo (Effort

Pro-gamer Kim Jung Woo (better known as Effort in gaming world) announced a sudden retirement on 20 September 2010. He is the champion of the 2010 Korean Airline Star League Season 1.  He is the only pro-gamer who beat the dominating Flash (Lee Young Ho) at a final of any starcraft individual league for the last one and a half years.

His retirement follows that of [Red]NaDa (Lee Yun Yeol a.k.a. the "genius"). [Red]NaDa announced that he will convert to a StarCraft II player. Many expect that more old-generation pro-gamers will change to StarCraft II. 

Is the series of retirement/conversion of StarCraft pro-gamers a precurser of changing geography of the pro-gaming scene of Korea? I think so. StarCraft II is taking up StarCraft's playing ground more rapidly than many thought. Making the matters worse for StarCraft, StarCraft gaming competition held by KeSPA (Korean e-Sports Association) is only viable as long as Blizzard is extending the grace period for using its intellectual property.


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