Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Music Sponsorship - so called

Sponsorship covers costs of Mariah Carey's latest album - Springwise

Copyright laws around the world are changing. Faster changing than copyright laws are the copyright business.  There are several books out there that predicts the demise of century-old business model of the recording industry.

Music sponsorship is one of the candidate model which will shoulder out the old model.

Music Sponsorship

"Music sponsorship" is a new term that has not been fixed as an industry standard phrase. Under the music sponsorship, somebody sponsors (gives money or something equivalent) a music and listeners listen to the music for free.When sponsoring a music, the sponsor's sponsorship is split in halves and distributed to the composer and the recording studio (which will pay royalty to the performing artists).

Music sponsorship is operating under the copyright law status quo. But it has the potential of changing the music industry geography. Why is it?

Music as pure art is done

Think about this. It is an anthropoligical issue. When did people start to listen to music as pure art? When will people stop listening to music as pure art?

It has not been for long since people listened to music as a solemn art that requires quiet audience. For the majority of the human history, music has been part of something bigger. i.e., festival, party, war, etc. For a brief period of time, music has taken the status of pure art. The short period of time has nearly ended. We are living in a world where music is not treated as pure art any more. Music is treated as part of something else, i.e., cellphones, commercials, movies, Starbucks, etc.

In the world where music is not a pure art, people aren't willing to pay for music per se.

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