Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blizzard send Cease and Desist Letter to KeSPA

Cease and Desist Letter

According to a news dated 12 Oct., Gretech (Blizzard's exclusive licensee in Korea w/r/t Starcraft and Starcraft II) sent a cease and desist letter to KeSPA (Korea eSports Association).

It is reported that Gretech warned the KeSPA that if the KeSPA opens the next season of the ProLeague (team league of Starcraft), Gretech will break away from any negotiations that are being carried out.

Negotiation between Gretech and KeSPA

So, obviously Gretech and KeSPA has been negotiating the terms of licensing of intellectual property in and of Starcraft for use in the ProLeague.

The problem seems to be that the KeSPA announced the opening of the next season of the ProLeague without completing the negotiation, and of course without consent of Gretech.

Threat of Legal Procedures

Further, Gretech warned that, should the KeSPA opens the ProLeague despite the cease and desist letter, it would initiate legal procedures against the KeSPA.

Who Cares ProLeague, BTW?

From lawyers' point of view, the unraveling of the disputes b/w Gretech and the KeSPA is interesting. But from business point of view, Gretech is already making the playing field skewed hugely in favor of itself.

GSL (Global Starcraft II League) is already making meaningful success. A number of renowned Starcraft pro players are converting to Starcraft II. SLayerS_'BoxerR' (Lim Yo Hwan, 임요환), [ReD]NaDa (Lee Yoon Yul, 이윤열), July[z-zone] (Park Sung Joon, 박성준), to name a few.

To add salt to injury to the KeSPA, a couple of teams are disbanded. First, E-Stro announced the dissolution of the team several days ago. CJ Entus and Ongamenet Sparkies are merging, which in fact means dissolution of one team.

Fans are suspecting that pro players of Starcraft are practicing Starcraft II surreptitiously outside the oversight of the KeSPA.

Anyhow, big players are leaving Starcraft. Big teams are disappearing.

Who cares the ProLeague?

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