Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best of the Year 2010

1. Music Album of the Year

UMC/UW's "Love, Curse, Suicide". This indigenous Korean rapper's third album tops my list, not only in terms of its playtime on my ipod but also its impact on my writing habit.

2. Movie of the Year

부당거래 (Unjust Deal). This movie reminded me of the unjust reality of Korea in 2010, which is a deja vu of Korea ten or 20 years before. It also makes you hope you don't mess with THEM.

3. Book of the Year

진보집권 플랜(Presidential Election Plan for the Progressive). Professor Kuk Cho explains why the progressive side lost power in the last presidential election and how they will regain the power. But the plan is not focused on the short-term election strategy. Professor Cho suggests that the progressive side set up a long-term plan for making the country better. Lack of long-term plan was the shortcoming of the progressive side. This book made me thought about the past decade of Korea in a different angle.

4.Website of the Year

IP Law Observer ( What else but my own website that I set up in October?

5. Artist of the Year

Daniel Castan. He is the most impressive stylist I got to know in 2010.

6. Personal Event of the Year

I started to attend a dessin class.



Sunday, December 05, 2010

Dessin: Crouching Man

Dessin lesson lost priority to other tasks in the past two weeks.


Let's Learn How to Pronounce Jair Bolsonaro

[Jai Bousonaro] seems to be close to what Brazilians call the new president elect, according to