Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cost-benefit of blind-date v. XBOX 360

It suddenly struck my mind that the cost of having 3 blind dating roughly equals the price of an Xbox 360 Holiday Package.  And lately, I was asked if I was interested in going out for a blind date roughly for more than three times. Since I've been pressing the urge of buying an Xbox for weeks, I think it's opportune to analyze the cost-benefit of blind dates versus buying an Xbox.


The cost side of blind dates and Xbox 360 is very clear. Both of them cost roughly 300,000 Korean Won, though Xbox is slightly more expensive than that.


The benefit of blind dates are unpredictable in that one can't predict the outcome of a blind date. Personal experience tells me that about 30 percent of blind dates come out as ok or even better. 70 percent as fruitless. The benefit of a successful date is  satisfaction. Downside of a successful date is continuous spending at pretty much the same rate. It's like having blind dates continuously. Rhetorically speaking, it's like buying an Xbox every time you play a game.

The benefit of an Xbox 360 is to have a tangible property, even though depreciating from the moment of purchase. Xbox 360 gives the experience of a world that I can't normally go to. For a new experience, the additional cost is only the price of a new title of game.


As far as the experience I have is of no substantial difference (and this is a huge assumption), Xbox 360 is a definite winner in the cost-benefit analysis.

So, I'm going to buy an Xbox 360 after I turned down three blind date offers.

Let the dragon fly.


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