Sunday, February 20, 2011

Same Twitter, Different Emotional Behaviors

Twitter has been popular in Korea for about a year only. It has become a popular media mainly due to the wide adoption of smartphones by the public, esp. iPhones. A cursory look at the behavioral patterns of Korean Twitterians and U.S. Twitterians gives an interesting comparison. Obviously Korean Twitterians are emotionally attached to what happens on his Twittter timelines. It seems to me that Twitter has become another fight-by-replies field for those who were addicted to fighting on-line.

One can easily say Twitter is another media and it doesn't change people. True. But my question is more like what the ideal form of internet communication that minimizes people's pathetic behaviors is. Or am I too naive to throw such question and not understand people need terminal sewage treatment facilities for their not-so-pleasant-to-see-under-real-name kind of emotions?
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  1. KISDI found that Korean twitters return more frequently on the mention for them by around 8 times than global twitters. You can expect the response on your mention with the possibility of 80.6%. This number is amazing!

  2. Interesting study!

    It seems that the Koreans have the tendency to regard Twittering as friend-making process, as opposed to others regarding it as information sharing tool.

    Maybe my thought is based on feeble ground of personal perception, because I myself is using Twitter as a mere tool of information sharing.


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