Sunday, November 06, 2011

Second Variety - Philip K. Dick

Philip K. Dick의 Second Variety (1953년작)을 읽고 있는데, 이 이야기는 영화로 나온 거 같다. 예전에 케이블에서 본듯.

검색해 보니 1995년작 Screamers구나. 이 영화 굉장히 재미있게 봤는데. 그나저나 셀프-스포일러가 되어버렸네.

스카이넷 아이디어는 여기에서 영향을 받은 게 아닐까?

위키피디아를 읽어보니, 

Dick said of the story: "My grand theme-who is human and who only appears (masquerading) as human?-emerges most fully. Unless we can individually and collectively be certain of the answer to this question, we face what is, in my view, the most serious problem possible. Without answering it adequately, we cannot even be certain of our own selves. I cannot even know myself, let alone you. So I keep working on this theme; to me nothing is as important a question. And the answer comes very hard."



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