Monday, May 22, 2017

로버트 라이시저 USTR, 다자체계 부정

APEC 통상장관 회의에 참석한 라이시저 USTR이 자신은 다자회의를 하기 위해 온 것이 아니라, 양자회의를 하러 온 것이라고 발언하며 APEC이라는 다자회의에 참석하기 위해 모인 다른 APEC 회원국 통상장관들을 기함하게 했다.

USTR 웹사이트의 공식 발표자료에도 이런 사실이 나오는데,

“It was important to me to come to APEC first and foremost to reaffirm the President’s strong commitment to promoting bilateral free and fair trade throughout the Asia-Pacific region,” said Ambassador Lighthizer. “APEC provides a great opportunity to focus energy on the barriers to its stated objective of free and open trade – a goal that cannot be met without tackling trade-distorting measures that have led to massive U.S. trade imbalances in the region. I look forward to working with our trade partners to expand U.S. export market access and address persistent unfair trade practices.”

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