Thursday, July 06, 2017

Fed Shrinking Portfolio - Run Off

미국 FRB가 포트폴리오 축소를 시작할 계획이라는 기사가 계속 나오고 있다. shrinking portfolio라고도 표현하고 run-off라고도 표현한다.

Federal Reserve officials in June readied plans to start slowly shrinking the central bank’s large portfolio of bonds and other assets in the next few months, and the debate since then over when to launch the plan has increasingly pointed to September.
Several officials said the Fed had sufficiently prepared markets to initiate the run-off “within a couple of months,” according to the minutes of the central bank’s June meeting released on Wednesday. Some others said waiting longer could them give more time to figure out why inflation has slowed and that moving sooner might wrongly signal they were moving more aggressively to raise interest rates.

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